Throwback Thursday

I am currently pulling out boxes from the garage and scouring closets for pictures to be used in the documentary. I’m gathering photos from my childhood and teen years, as many child/teen photos of The Hubs and I together as I can find, and significant photos of our life together from more recent years. Man, it is a tall order to try to summarize your life in a limited number of pictures, and an even taller one to confront photos you’ve not looked at for many, many years.

I’ve found myself laughing a lot tonight, tearing up a few times….but mostly smiling, my heart swelling as I recall happier times and sweet memories and crazy moments — all of the abundant adventures and blessings I’ve been bestowed.

I found so many photos that made me say “Oh yeah!!” with surprise, plenty that made me say “Oh sweet baby Jesus” with a cringe, and a lot that brought a “WOW!” …as well as a few that I didn’t remember at all. (I also found 6 rolls of 35mm film circa 2003/04…dare I develop them?!) I am so glad I have taken the time to start scanning in these important memories. It’s going to take a long time to complete, but it’s a start. Pictures are so, so important. If you currently don’t take many photos of your loved ones, I urge you to start. And if you do but haven’t backed them up recently, I encourage you to. One day those photos may become way more valuable than you could imagine. (This hit me hard in this post after losing The Hubs, and it still rings true.)

Since there is no way to share them all here, here is a completely random selection of a few throwback pics, not in any particular order. I’ll share more as I keep scanning them in!


1 — Baby me! 3 months old, circa 1984.
2 — Slightly bigger baby me! 16 months old, 1985.
3 — Senior Prom, 18 yrs old, 2002. (Can I have this body back, please?)
4 — Awwww. Our ‘dating’ days (that lasted all of two months before we got engaged). 19 yrs old, 2003.
5 — The Hubs and I (and friends), Senior year of HS. 17 yrs old, 2002.
6 — One of my portfolio pics, 17 yrs old, 2001.
7 — The Hubs, me, and my bestie A. Senior year of HS, 17 yrs old, 2002.
8 — The Hubs basic training graduation, 18 yrs old, 2002.

You were (and are) so cute! :)

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