‘Warriors’ Preview (and a winner!)

Well folks, the preview trailer for my side of the documentary is live! It’s a strange experience to hear your story from the outside and see yourself on camera (hello extra 10 lbs and quivering ‘holding back tears’ face), but I couldn’t be happier with how it came out. Tristan is amazing and he did a really wonderful job introducing me, Bryan, and our/my story that will be told in The Silent Warriors. We still have plenty of filming to do, on my side of the film as well as the Afghan side (you can see the trailer for the Afghan protagonist, Fawzia Koofi, here), and I can’t wait to see how the finished film comes together. You can watch the trailer below, or on Dedal Films.

Warriors “Erin”
from DEDAL FILMS on Vimeo.

Also, we have a winner from the blogiversary giveaway!

Congratulations comment #9, Laine! Please send me an email using the contact button on the left and let me know your choice of gift card and where to send it. Enjoy! :)


Very moving piece!

Melissa Crull

Beautiful Erin!! Tear jerker for sure

I too had a young love and a devastating loss…a Bryan no less. And although my loss isn’t related to the military, I think what you are doing is truly beautiful. It may go without saying, but I know your Bryan is very proud. Many prayers for the continued success of your project.

Amanda Pascoe

This is amazing and you are incredible. I look forward to the outcome of this project and the rest of the documentary. The Pascoe family sends our love. In our household your husband will never be forgotten.

Andrea Lumpkin

I couldn’t be more proud of you sis!! This is an amazing thing you are doing! <3


What a special thing you did for Bryan. You are a strong and beautiful woman. Tears were flowing to see Harrison write his Daddy a letter. He looked so proud. You are doing an awesome job keeping his memory alive.

Rebecca wise

This is an awesome way to continue the story of Bryan! What a strong woman u are

I’m so excited to share this with others. I’m stoked for you and this new journey for you. As a fellow widow, I too, want to help others going through similar things. Many blessings and abundance to you and your sweet boy and the many you will inspire and encourage because of your dedication and enjoyment for life. Bravo and big hugs! xoxo

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