Q&A – Submit Your Questions!


Have you ever been curious about loss or life as a widow? Is there anything you’d like to know about the girl behind the blog? Now you can ask anonymously in my first Q&A session.

These are always so fun to participate in on other blogs, so I figured it was time to bring the fun to WSW! Use the poll below to ask me anything — serious questions about love and loss, silly questions about favorites and pet peeves, completely random questions — really anything goes! The survey allows anonymous submissions, so rest assured I will not know who is sending the questions (and neither will anyone else when the answers are posted).

The survey will only be open for a while before I begin compiling answers so if you have a burning question, ask away! :)

(P.S. Remember my sweet friend Brenda’s project? If you haven’t checked out her Kickstarter yet, please do me (and her!) a favor and do so. There are less than 48 hours left in her project and she still needs to raise $513. With Kickstarter, if your full goal isn’t reached you don’t receive ANY of the pledged funds. She’s so close! Please go help and receive some sweet rewards.)

(P.S. Again — She is fully funded! :) )

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