Random + TobyMac Weekend

How about a random update?


This week is a busy one. Loads of homework, playing chauffeur to school and practices, getting my car fixed that decided to go on the fritz, disassembling my old bed, getting a new one set up, coordinating pickups for the things I’ve sold on Craigslist, baking for Little Man’s school Thanksgiving Feast, volunteering at said Feast, writing a research paper, all the while cleaning and prepping my house, packing, and getting ready to leave on a road trip. Oh, and let’s not forget errands, housework, and trying to get a few runs in there.

But even though my days are busy, they are a good busy. An oh-so-blessed busy. I’ve been taking some steps the past month or so to lighten my load, to simplify my life and remove some things that were weighing me down and putting pressure on my mind and heart. This, along with some other shifts in focus, has made me feel freer and more peaceful than I have in a long time. I’m feeling, dare I say, content these days. I don’t have everything figured out; hell, I barely have anything figured out. And for once, that is okay. I’m happy just to be.


This weekend Little Man and I had a special adventure: I took him to his first grown-up concert! The JoyFM is a local(ish) contemporary Christian radio station that has been such a blessing in the past few years. When we aren’t listening to what Little Man calls “Mommy’s songs” or “the kids songs” on the iPhone, we are listening to The JoyFM.  Little Man knows all the words and we have some serious singalong jam sessions in the car pretty much daily. :) One of his favorite artists is TobyMac, who sings Little Man’s favorite song ever. So when we heard that his Hits Deep tour was coming nearby, I knew we had to go! The concert was Sunday night and I made a little adventure out of it, staying over in a hotel after (even though we were only an hour or so from home) and playing hooky from school yesterday. Little Man had a BLAST!

intermissionduring intermission

The lineup was great: Capital Kings (I definitely have to get more by these newcomers, loved them!), Chris August (He voice is even better live and he is so funny), Colton Dixon (Yes the guy from American Idol, he had great energy), Jamie Grace (She is so down-to-earth and has such talent for 21!), Brandon Heath (He is so amazing live and felt very genuine), Mandisa (Holy wow this woman has some spirit and what.a.voice. No words!), and of course TobyMac. I love what TobyMac did with this tour; he really brought everyone together, with each artist introducing the next and all of them coming on stage at random times to perform some amazing unexpected duets. TobyMac himself is so genuine and has an awesome heart for God with the right attitude about it. I loved him back in his DC Talk days and I just love what he has done with his new direction. There was so much spirit and fun in this concert. And oh man, his Diverse City Band is insane (in a good way).

chrisaugustchris august
brandonheathbrandon heath
stagedreaming of his future on stage
lastsongthe end of a great night

Even though the concert didn’t get out until nearly 11pm (4 hours past his bedtime), the kiddo was up and dancing the entire time! He told me the next day that he was wishing that TobyMac would see him so he could go on stage too, haha. He had a little fan club in the seats around us, with some of the adults cheering him on. My cheeks hurt from smiling at how he was getting into it, and several people stopped us on the way out to say how much his enthusiasm touched them. I tried to get some of his ‘moves’ on camera:

After crashing late that night, we made a fun day out of our extended weekend the next day. We savored a sugar-laden breakfast, took a trip to the Museum of Science and History, went to the mall for lunch and a stop at the bookstore (and bonus!photobooth fun), and then finished up the afternoon at the movies and Starbucks. It was pretty much awesome, as evidenced by the Little Man’s prompt passing out in his carseat on the way home.


This mini-adventure blessed my heart so much. Having some quality time with my kiddo, letting go and living in the moment, smiling and singing my heart out and acting silly: all of it just added fuel to the ‘happy fire’ that has been growing in my heart, and I am carrying that into my busy week. I am so blessed to have this life, the trick is to have the perspective and ability to see it for what it is. We all struggle, we all have rough patches and pain and sadness and experiences that wreck us. But we also all have something beautiful: this day and a God who loves us. And really, that is all we need.

You and little man’s faith really inspires me. I’m so glad you had this trip together and he got to experience some of his faith through music.

Just being – working on that too. Take care!


What a beautiful post! I am so happy to hear that you and your little guy had an amazing time. I loved his dancing! You inspire me so much everyday to just live in the moment – feel blessed everyday and for that I thank you!

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