Holiday Giveaway Tree-o | Cynthia Elizabeth Linsenbardt

Welcome to the second day of the Holiday Giveaway series!


For three days leading up to Christmas, I’ll be featuring some amazingly talented and generous artists.
The common theme? Courage, hope, and inspiration for the upcoming year!
Each giveaway will be open for three full days, with all winners announced on Christmas Day.
I hope you enjoy these lovely artists’ creations!


Next up in our giveaway series is the lovely Cynthia Elizabeth Linsenbardt. Cynthia is a super talented artist who I discovered through Etsy and I really like her style. Cynthia creates inspirational and thought-provoking paintings and prints, as well as adorable hand-bound coloring books for kids. I love that she uses her talent to reach hearts and minds of all ages.

Although I enjoy all of her art, I am most drawn to her bird-themed paintings. I am a sucker for birds; they just hold such a sense of wonder and freedom, so beautiful and delicate yet strong and resilient. Cynthia captures this essence in paintings like this peaceful one and this one that reminds me of the calm amidst the storm. I find birds so inspirational. Much like I do poetry and quotes. So when I came across Cynthia’s painting ‘Birds in a Tree‘ that also integrates my favorite ‘hope’ quote from Emily Dickinson, I figured we must be kindred spirits or something.

print 1

In her own words, “I paint whatever I find beautiful, inspiring, and truthful. I want my art to encourage, inspire, and provoke thought. I am happiest when my work makes someone‚Äôs life a little bit better.” See? Kindred spirits. What I aspire to do in words, she aspires to do through art. (And I must say, she has succeeded.) Today, we want to join forces and send some of that inspiration over to you. I know many of us are in need of a little hope, not only during the holiday season but year round. This quote from Emily Dickinson is one of my absolute favorites:

print2“Hope is the thing with feathers
that perches on the soul
and sings the tune without the words
and never stops at all.”

To win an 18×12 print of Birds in a Tree and let a little hope into your life, please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Thank you so much Cynthia Elizabeth Linsenbardt for your inspiration and generosity!

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Karla Penman

I have been a widow for almost 3 years and it hurts as much today. I love the birds in the tree and your message of hope. Thank you


Beautiful! I love the Letting Things Settle print

Lilith Katz

I like the Red Moon 48 x 36 Original Painting

Audrey Griffis

I love the 4 trees print


I’m sure this invoked emotions in the artist as it does in it’s viewers! Very inspiring.


All the artwork looks just as amazing as this one. It’s hard to pick but I absolutely love Birds flying from a tree!

Kathleen Richardson

I love the Wise Old Owl 17 x 11 print.

Robyn L

I love the Birds Flying from a Tree in front of an upcoming storm. Beautiful!

Alexis K.

I like the “Letting Things Settle” print- would be perfect for my office!


This is amazingly gorgeous!

Edna A

birds flying from a tree is beautiful

Nesca C

I actually love the birds on the tree the best..would look amazing framed and in the bedroom


I like the “Letting Things Settle” print.

jessica hager

I love The Cow Jumped Over the Moon print.

I love the Birds Flying from a Tree print

Elena S

Well I looked at them all and my favorite really is the one displayed here – Birds in a Tree

Lola Green

my favorite is Red Moon 48 x 36 Original Painting

I love all of the children’s coloring books!

I like the His Eye Is On The Sparrow print 8.5 x 11

I love Letting Things Settle 18 x 12 print!


The 4 Trees print is great

Angela Killingsworth

His Eye Is On The Sparrow print 8.5 x 11

I love the birds flying from a tree 2 & the red moon!

Sara Giresi

I love the Circus Stack 11×17 print! great for my sons room!

danielle lima

I love the Red Moon Painting


I like the Letting Things Settle 18 x 12 print

[…] Site Name: With Swallows Wings Prize Description: 18×12 print of ‘Birds in a Tree’ featuring the original artwork of Cynthia Linsenbardt and a quote from Emily Dickinson. Open to: US, Canada Entry Deadline: 12/22/2013 Enter This Giveaway Here: […]

My favorite is the Letting Things Settle 18 x 12 print.

Denise Davis

The four trees print is my favorite.

Karen Collier

Beautiful! This would be the perfect piece to be placed in the treatment center I work at. The clients would love it.

liz l

Rooster Chef with Corn 17 x 11 print

Sara Wagner

I love Letting Things Settle.

Jenny Stanek

I’m in love with the cow jumped over the moon print

Samantha V.

I adore the Letting Things Settle print…it’s beautiful.

Candie L

I like the red moon. Thankyou


These are all fantastic! I really love the rooster chef!

brandy Fisk

The circus stack is cute!


The Red Moon original is beautiful!

“Letting things settle” is my favorite


I absolutely love the Red Moon painting!


I like the flying hippos

natasha severson

The Cow Jumped Over the Moon 11 x 14.5 print


I love the Rooster Chef with Corn print. Thank you!

Sindy Murray

I like the Rooster Chef with Corn print it would look good on my kitchen wall!


Hard to pick my favorite from a set of such beautiful artwork, but I love the Coloring Thank You Cards!

Deanna S.

Four trees … and this one!


I like the Letting Things Settle 18 x 12 print

kelley roach

i like the red moon painting


I love Birds in a Tree, but the Cow Jumps Over the Moon and Wise Owl are also so very awesome.

Kellie Christensen

Birds Flying From a Tree print

Debbie Lewis

I like the “Letting Things Settle”

Michelle B

I love Birds Flying From Tree II!

Angela Cash

My favorite item from Cynthia Elizabeth Linsenbardt is the Red Moon 48 x 36 Original Painting.

Emily Wells

I like the birds flying from a tree 17×11 print.

The Cow Jumped Over the Moon 11 x 14.5 print

When hippos fly is quite lovely! :)

Sky Sparkle

I like Birds Flying from a Tree II 12 x 9 original painting


I love the “His Eye Is On The Sparrow print 8.5 x 11.”


I like Letting Things Settle

judy mitchell

birds flying from a tree


I love Circus Stack

Elaine R

Rooster Chef With Corn painting-would look great in my kitchen!

Ellen Goodman

so beautiful! would love to have this in my home

Danielle Jones

I like his eye is on the sparrow.


I love the Birds Flying from a Tree II print. The colors are so pretty as well as the silhouettes of the birds.


Love “Birds Flying From a Tree”

Lora W.

I really like this print and the “Birds Flying from a Tree” print.


These prints are absolutely amazing. I was debating between this one (linked) and a coloring book. Amazing work!


I love the Birds Flying from a Tree II

Tracy Pryor

I like the Letting Things Settle 18 x 12 print.

Pam C.

I love the give-away print best, Birds in a Tree with Emily Dickinson’s Hope Poem! Just reading that brought me a sense of calm…

Michelle G.

I think they are all amazing but my favorite is probably Red Moon.

Amy Tolley

love the green monkey print

beth c

i love the animals coloring book! so cute! thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

Allyson Tice

I really like the Wise Wild Owl print

Andrea Amy

Birds Flying from a Tree II – 11×17 print

Linda Trinklein
Dorrie Turner

I also love the Wise Old Owl 17 x 11 print!

Cassie sudduth

I like all the birds and trees art!


The giveaway item is stunning, but I also like the Wise Old Owl print.


My favorite is the 11×17 circus stack print


My favorite item is the one displayed in the giveaway.

Lauren Becker

I really love the Birds Flying from a Tree II 12 x 9. Beautiful.

Alexa Cohen

The Cow Jumped Over the Moon 11 x 14.5 print


i like Coloring Thank You Cards, Flowers, set of 4


I love the wise old owl print

courtney hennagir

I am in love with this print! I also really love the wise old owl print!

Ashley Fryer

My favorite is Letting Things Settle.

wendy b

My fave item- besides Birds in a tree- is Red Moon….beautiful.

jeremy mclaughlin

Like the Letting Things Settle print.

I like the Wise Old Owl 17 x 11 print.

Pick me!!! :) This is so pretty!

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