High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday folks! Here are a few things I am feeling thankful and happy about this week:


#3 and #4 and #5

#1. Good times with good friends. My bestest and I have both been so busy lately and even though we have a weekly standing lunch date to help us through our weeks, we hadn’t really had a chance to let loose and hang out. We finally had a coordinating evening this past Friday to do our little post-holiday tradition: Christmas tree bonfire! Wine, music, burning things, and drunk b*tch talks = perfect. The testosterone of the group was very patient, haha. I love my friends and I’m excited for some happiness on the horizon for these guys, it’s going to be a good year.

#2. Finding new adventures and making more memories. With the holiday my kiddo and Mama were both school-free on Monday, so we decided to take off on an impromptu adventure for the weekend. Surprise, surprise, right? This time we didn’t go far, just spent a few days in Jacksonville exploring a few sights we had always seen/heard about but never really checked out. We hiked a little, visited Fort Caroline and the Kingsley Plantation, took a wrong road and ended up being forced to take the car on a ferry haha, wandered around downtown a little and ate some great Irish food and saw a massive old tree, and spent the day riding carousels and trains and feeding birds and stingrays at the zoo. It was fun, it was relaxing, and it was just what we all needed.

#3. Unexpected blessings. I got a little surprise this week when I learned I had qualified for something as a homeowner that I didn’t think I would end up with, and thus had a little financial perk from prepaying into an escrow. The reimbursement came at the perfect timing to use toward something I was torn over, and made my decision a clear-cut and easy one. I love little unexpected blessings that help you see you are making a right choice and help you along your path. Reinforcement is always reassuring, and now a burden has been lifted from my heart and mind. I am so, so thankful.

#4. Progress. I can apply this one in so many ways — progress physically with my fitness and health goals, progress with school and career goals, progress with a friendship I really thought was dying, progress with personal goals and struggles. The steps might be small, but when you step back and look at them collectively, each little inch is significant and worth celebrating.

#5. Giggling like a schoolgirl. You see, I have met this awesome person. It was by chance that I did and I didn’t expect anything from it; I still don’t, but it is progressing so organically and I am finding myself more and more interested…and those feelings are reciprocated. I’m grinning and giggling like a schoolgirl these days, but yet not doing my usual freak-out-and-overthink thing. It’s really quite nice, and I’m pretty happy right now. I’m enjoying getting to know him and the possibilities out there.

So what good things are you grateful for this week? Link up with us below or share in the comments.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!


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