Tuesday Tunes | Beauty in Tragedy

August Burns Red — Beauty in Tragedy

So there is a little back story to this week’s song. Someone pretty great shared it with me, feeling like it might resonate with me. Well, little did he know just how perfectly it would. This was one of The Hubs’ favorite bands, and I have a feeling that if he had had the chance to hear this song he would have loved it. It is perfectly his style and just listening to this band again not only reminds me of a lot of good times but also brings alive a part of me I’ve closed off. Somehow the mix of lyrics that perfectly express some of the things I’d like to say to him these days and music that unlocks some of that carefree girl is exactly what I need right now. It’s healing. And pretty much on repeat right now. So, thank you E. You rock.


There is beauty in tragedy
The heart won’t stop beating,
For the end is a new beginning
Where sorrow pulls the skyline of reality
And restarts a love ever after
As we grasp beyond defeat

So keep us breathing a little longer
For just one moment we couldn’t offer
This night is falling on my hearts shame
These feelings bring tears to my eyes

Just take away my world,
Leave my side
Hear the angels sing,
As I embrace you with a warm welcome home
Hear the angels sing.
Hear the angels sing.

The air will be a little colder
But I’ll be sure to breathe for the both of us.
And the nights
May be a little darker
But I’ll be sure to carry the torch to warm the hearts
They’re never gonna have to feel yours
I can hear your voice,
I can’t hear your voice
But that’s okay
Cause I can feel you in my heart

One morning I’ll wake up to you,
One morning I’ll hear the angels sing.
On that morning we won’t be worried about the weather
Nor will we might wither his life
While the clocks alarm.

I’ll be sure to write your name in the sun
Where the waves can’t wash it away

Until then I’ll walk,
Until then I’ll breathe in your name!
Never surrender the dream you had for this world
To love
To forgive
To make something out of nothing!


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