Tuesday (Wednesday?) Tunes | James Dean & Audrey Hepburn

Now that the routine of the new year is upon us, I’m working on one of my mini-goals for this year: more regular content on WSW. Right down to a editorial calendar, you guys! I usually write on the fly, without much editing, so moving to a scheduled system is kind of a big deal. I hope it turns out to be fulfilling, for both me and you! :)

Which leads me to today’s post — Tuesday Tunes is back! I’m a day late, since I had to share my wink-filled day yesterday. Haven’t seen my tune posts before? Check this one out, or this one.

Sleeping with Sirens — James Dean & Audrey Hepburn

*Each week I share a currently meaningful or relevant song from my playlist. You can check out past Tuesday Tunes here. I love new music, so please share your favorite tunes in the comments (or if you’d like to see Tuesday Tunes turn into a weekly linky, let me know!).

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