User Doesn’t Exist

It may have been more than four years now, but there are still random occurrences that sucker-punch me in the gut. Like today.

I’ve kept The Hubs’ email account open for a few reasons I don’t need to go into. If I haven’t had to check it in a while, I try to sign in periodically to make sure the account doesn’t get purged. Today I realized it had been a while so I tried to log in. And what did Hotmail (or Live or Outlook or whatever it is now) greet me with?

“This user doesn’t exist.”

Thanks for rubbing it in, Hotmail.

I tried a few more times, googled a bit, and tried to use my horrible excuse for a memory to recall when I last accessed the account. Well, it turns out what felt like “a while” must have been a year because the account was deleted.


Punch in the gut. This happened to me with my old Hotmail account about a year or so ago. I had kept it active just so I could save all of the emails/pics/etc I had acquired from 2003 to 2007 before I switched to Gmail, but I let it go a little too long and Hotmail deleted it. I was devastated to lose it without a backup, so I vowed to be careful not to do the same with The Hubs’. Apparently I suck, because now all of his emails, all of our email traffic, everything from 2003 to the day before his death…six years of exchange…is GONE.

Gut punch, I tell ya.

It’s my own fault, so I can’t be too mad. (Although I really think they jumped the gun and it wasn’t quite a year. I mean c’mon, my godawful Yahoo account from high school is still active!) And since I don’t delete non-junk emails, if I really wanted to find something we exchanged between 2007-2009 I could find it in my Gmail. But still. That’s only two years. Just like that, another record of his existence = deleted. Gone.

Maybe it’s for the best. I can’t keep holding on to those types of things. It’s just material, and all of the important stuff is right in here *thumping my chest*. But it still sucks. Really sucks.

Back up your important emails, lovelies. <3


That is just awful! Can you email hotmail and see if they may have a backup somewhere? Anything from the internet is often not truly deleted. I am proud of your for reacting so calmly! What an awful occurrence.


Good idea, Laura! I think I will, it can’t hurt. Might as well ask about my old one as well. I’ve made peace with it if they say no, but if they can offer something it would be nice to have! You can bet I’d be backing it up ASAP! ;)

I kept Kevin’s email alive on hotmail as well-I probably haven’t check it in 2+ years, so imagine the same things has happened to his. Probably not something I want to face.

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