Fly by update + phone dump!

It got quiet around here this week folks, sorry! School and work are super computer-heavy lately, so I’ve been trying to balance it by staying offline in my free time. I’m nearly halfway through my final seminar for my Master’s degree and it has gotten pretty intense. I’ve just begun a major team project for class, in addition to the regular workload, so the next three weeks will be extra crazy. But the good news is — just 6 weeks left and those three little letters M-B-A are mine. :)


To add to my schedule, we’ve reached the busy season at the nonprofit I volunteer for. Around this time each year we begin preparations for the annual memorial weekend we host in May. As the outreach coordinator for all of the family members of those being honored, it gets really busy at times. But I am so honored to work with such a great organization. Each time I can make things easier for a family going through what I’ve been through, it reminds me why I’m here.

I’ve also been keeping busy with my fitness goals. I plan to write a post about all that soon! And Uncle (my BIL) is in town for a while, so we’ve been celebrating his separation from the military and making sure he and Little Man get some ‘guy time’. Aside from these things, I’ve been really trying to focus on my word of the year — balance. I’m trying not to overbook my schedule or stress out over things beyond my control, I’m trying not to look too far into the future or overindulge in any area, I’m trying not to place too many expectations or be so harsh on myself. It’s daily work to break habits, but it feels great.

But all this aside, I’m still trying to keep up with my post calendar. I have lots of things I want to share and explore, so I’m not going anywhere. :)

And now, since no quick update post is complete without pictures, here is a random phone dump from the past week or two. Happy weekend lovelies! <3

Wine + pandora, making grad school happier since forever.

Coffee, making life happier since forever.

Bonfire night with buddies.

Takin’ a walk in the woods.

The beach is always fun, cold or not.

This little buddy didn’t want to leave me!

Medieval faire with Grandpa and Uncle! Yes he threw an ax…and a knife.

Silly String sneak attack! I got him good.

Kiddo’s first research project and presentation! He rocked it.

As we do.

Painting every little scale to perfection. :)

Such an awesome gift, my favorite flower. Thanks E!


Such a lovely set of photos and a lovely memory stamp of this time. This is beautiful.

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