Smiling through the Sads

Today should be a High Five for Friday, but dude. This week has been tough. I have no high fives. I don’t even have any low fives.

Stress at school, uncertainty in relationships, impatience, a parenting concern, hurt feelings, and a few other things have put me in a funk that I am trying to pull myself out of.

The kiddo always helps cheer me up with his snuggles and laughter of course, but he also tests me as well. A visit with the good doc on Wednesday helped, so has prayer and a hefty dose of perspective. Venting to my best friend A and some encouragement from my Mama and a good talk with a friend who reminded me where to keep my focus (hint: upwards) have also helped me pull me up.

But it’s too easy to close up and slip into the sads in between.

So what have I been distracting myself with?

Reddit. Imgur. Buzzfeed. Pinterest. You know, musing over all the important things in life.

So since I don’t have any of my own, here are a few high fives for this Friday:

You’re welcome. :)

Time to go burn off some steam with another de-stresser – cleaning to the sweet sounds of loud angry music. Girls weekend starts tonight, woot! One of my best friends is coming in from Atlanta this afternoon and staying with me for the weekend for some trio time with A and me. I anticipate some much-needed silliness for everyone…first up, a dude’s burlesque show tonight. This is going to be interesting!

*edit, these aren’t linking to their sources properly for some reason, sorry! All came from the depths of the sites linked above :)

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