He Bought Me Another Sparkle

IMG_1328The night air was chilly, my skin prickling against the breeze as I wrapped my thin sweater a little closer. The damp earth beneath the blanket we were perched on was beginning to soak into my bones, but I didn’t feel the cold. I leaned back and stretched my legs out in front of me, propping myself up on one hand behind me while the other brought my glass of red wine to my lips. I lifted my face to the sky and closed my eyes, savoring the moment.

Reality check. You are sitting on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower. You’ve just uttered those three treasured words to the most amazing man. You’ve found it, you’re ‘there’. Finally. This is real life. Let yourself have this. You really are the same woman whose heart was surely broken beyond repair just a few short years ago, and this really is the same guy you knew back then who cried tears of pain over the same loss. I don’t know how we missed each other all this time, or how I’m worthy of this, but this is the moment. This is real. This is it.

Cheers of excitement suddenly burst all around, cutting through my brief reverie. I opened my eyes.

In front of me, through the rustling tree branches that framed our little place, the Eiffel Tower was sparkling. Thousands of twinkling lights glimmered and shone from the edges of the massive structure, dancing in the midnight light as if giggling with the knowledge of magical things not yet revealed.

I turned to my left and found him smiling at me.

Stretched out in a nearly identical pose, he radiated the same happiness and love I was feeling through that grin I loved, the one that reached all the way to his eyes. I stared for a few seconds, memorizing him. I never wanted to forget the way he looked, the way I felt, the place we shared in that perfect moment. I hoped the way I was feeling was just as transparent.

Wordlessly, I leaned in with a whisper of a kiss.

My Chapter Two, my unexpected blessing I’m so thankful for.

He bought me another sparkle.


This post is a response to the weekly Writer’s Workshop over at Mama’s Losin’ It!. Learn more about the ‘pretty much famous’ weekly prompts here. This week I chose: “Share a top favorite photo from June, and give us the back story.”

This is such a beautiful piece of writing. I can’t even describe the feeling it gave me!

Thank you for sharing this intimate moment with us and cheers to you on Chapter two!

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