Cast of Characters

If you read through the pages of this blog, you’ll see that I have little nicknames for the people in my life.
When I started NYAW, I was very hesitant about putting our names out there on the interwebs. Over time, I’ve discovered that many of my readers know who I am anyway and the others could figure it out with a few keywords typed into Google. But I’ve kept the nicknames because I like them! To help you out, here is a little breakdown of the Cast of Characters on the blog.

Erin — Me, of course. I’ve never really had a nickname, and I wasn’t about to be the one to give myself my first one. ;) A mommy, a writer/blogger, a photographer, a wanna-be-artist, a daydreamer, a Christian, a sister and daughter and friend. Likes traveling, sunshine through the trees, coffee, all things music, being in the mountains, seeing life through a lens, the scent of lavender and rain on asphalt, reading, all things artsy-craftsy, classic movies, and finding joy in the simple things.

The Hubs — My late husband, B. An EOD tech in the Air Force, a musician, a comedian, an outdoorsy guy, a husband and father and son and brother and friend to manyyy. Liked hardcore rock and metal, playing his guitar, being outside, making people laugh, grilling, rock climbing and fly fishing,¬†energy drinks, shopping, any movie with Will Ferrell, beer, and E-O-m’fing-D.

Little Man — Our son, H. A super-tall three year old full of personality, a son and grandson and nephew and cousin and chosen kiddo of many adopted Uncles and Aunts! Likes music, being a ham, all things cars, cookies, Caillou and Curious George, trains, playing at the park, ‘reading’ books, the beach, Santa, and snuggling with Mama.

Others to be added soon! :)

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