25 Ways You Know You’re a Mom

25 Ways You Know YouYou know you’re a mom when…

  1. You find yourself humming the theme songs from Nick Jr. shows while cleaning or showering.
  2. Baby wipes, toy cars, bandaids, and crumbs have slowly taken over your purse.
  3. Your hugs can solve any problem.
  4. “Slow down!”, “Because I said so!”, or “NOW.” come out of your mouth at least once a day.
  5. A peaceful, sleeping child has brought tears to your eyes.
  6. You look forward to alone time but then have no clue what to do when you get it.
  7. Sleeping in means 7 AM.
  8. You have zero privacy during any activity that occurs in the bathroom.
  9. ‘Treats’ are a food group.
  10. You know the excruciating pain of stepping on a Lego or Hot Wheels in the dark.
  11. A shy smile and wave across the park makes your heart swell.
  12. You talk about yourself in the third person (‘Mommy said..’).
  13. Flying to the moon, being chased by a dinosaur, and fighting an evil villain are just part of a normal Tuesday.
  14. You beam with pride over crayon drawings and words only you can read.
  15. A blankie-carrying PJ-clad kiddo ends up in your bed at least once a week.
  16. You’ve used the words “potty”, “boo boo”, or “num nums” to adults.
  17. Your head snaps up the second you hear a cry of “Mommy!” anywhere.
  18. You run toward sudden appearances of bodily fluids instead of away from them.
  19. Holidays are magical again.
  20. Silence is simultaneously glorious and terrifying.
  21. You’ve heard your mother’s voice come out of your mouth more than once…
  22. …and you finally understand she was right.
  23. More than once a day, you think you are doing it all wrong.
  24. More than once a day, you’re overwhelmed by how much you could love such a tiny creature.
  25. You are exhausted, unsure, happy, overjoyed, hopeful, impatient, frustrated, and in love; and you wouldn’t change it for the world.

This post is a response to the weekly Writer’s Workshop over at Mama’s Losin’ It!. Learn more about the ‘pretty much famous’ weekly prompts here. This week I chose: ‘You know you’re a mom when…’

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Great list! I can relate to all…especially #10!


And this is what you should expect very soon. :)


Yes, yes, and yes! I love that you were able to capture both the hard parts of motherhood along with the magical parts!


Yesterday was November 1, and with that came the start of National Novel Writing Month! National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, or just NaNo to participants) is ‘a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to creative writing. On November 1, participants begin working towards the goal of writing a 50,000-word novel by 11:59 p.m. on November 30.’ You can’t start before Nov 1, and you can’t edit as you write. It’s very fast-paced, an exciting way to either pound out that novel you’ve always wanted to write or get your creativity flowing stream-of-conciousness style.


I participated in NaNo for the first time in 2007, while we were living in Okinawa. My sister introduced me to it and I loved the idea of a creative challenge. The Hubs picked on me about ‘my novel’ all month; you have no idea how many times I heard various bits from this that November:

But by the end of the month, he (and our friends) were cheering me on and on the last night of November, I surpassed the 50k word goal and won. It was a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, even though I didn’t actually finish the story (an awfully awesome Lifetime-movie-esque love story named ‘Almost November’). I’ve actually never gone back to look at that story until today while writing this blog post, and now I see so many aspects of my life at the time infused in it. Maybe one day I’ll refine and finish. Here’s a little excerpt of that novel:

“Do you see it?” Dave grabbed Bella’s finger and used it to point at the sky. “That cluster of three stars right there.”

“Ohhh, those! Yeah, I see it!”

“That’s Orion’s belt. If you look on either side, see those little stars? Those are his arms, the ones below them are his feet. See him now?”

“Yeah!” Bella laughed with excitement, stretching her arms over her head.

Dave rolled over onto his side and looked at her.

“Hasn’t anyone shown you a constellation before?”

“Nope.” Bella turned and propped her head up on one arm. She picked a blade of grass from the ground beneath them and poked the tip of Dave’s nose with it. “I’m from the city, remember. I was lucky if I saw any stars at all.”

Bella rolled back over onto her back and stretched out on the grass. She gazed up at the stars above where she and Dave lay in the park. The bustling sounds of the village hummed softly in the background and the crickets chirped songs from the lush green surrounding the park. A soft breeze gently blew over them, fluttering a lock of her hair across Dave’s eyes.  Bella turned her head toward him and smiled as he picked it up gingerly and played with it.

“Dave,” she said quietly.


“Do you believe in fate?”

Dave brushed her hair across his cheek, like an artist with a paintbrush.

“Yes and no.”

“What do you mean?” Bella asked, staring at the sky.

“I think you decide your own fate. I think there are some things that you can’t control, that life just throws at you. But you have to decide what to do with them. You can control your own direction, you just have to handle what life gives you your way, ya know what I mean?”

Bella scrunched her brow thoughtfully.

Dave released the lock of hair as she turned onto her side again and faced him.

“Sometimes I wonder if I am strong enough to steer things my own way.”

He touched her cheek softly, brushing her skin with his knuckles.

“You have a silent strength that I don’t think you have recognized yet, my Bell. That is one of the things I love about you.”

Bella caught his gaze and stared at him intently, trying to tell him with her eyes everything she couldn’t say.

“And the fact that you see that is one of the things I love about you, Dave.”

Every November since I wrote that story, I have thought about participating again (I even came really close back in 2011) but something has always stopped me. This year, it is finally perfect timing. After feeling creatively blocked and overwhelmed by other things in life, having an open-ended creative challenge like this will give me something to accomplish without too much pressure. And the process may be helpful for me in other ways, since I am writing about a widow. Here is the brief synopsis of the novel (the only plan I have, since I am totally pantsing this), tentatively titled ‘Wanderlust’:

Life as Eloise Barrett knew it died six months ago. After the tragic loss of her husband, Eloise feels trapped in a life she doesn’t understand anymore. So she takes to the road, clothing and memories stuffed into the back of an impulsively-bought Airstream, desperate to discover herself and her new life somewhere along the way.

This is NOT going to be a fictionalized version of my own personal memoir, at all. But I do intend to draw inspiration from my own feelings a widow to fuel the perspective of my main character. I think the process of writing her adventures will help me explore some of my own grief in a rear-view-mirror kind of way. It should be interesting to see what comes of it. And perhaps as I see where her dreams and plans take her as the story develops, I will discover some of my own. I have no expectations for a finished novel at the end of the month, nor do I plan to do anything with the writing when I am done. But who knows, maybe it will turn out to be a gem.

Have you ever heard of NaNo? Are you participating this year? If so, be my writing buddy! I love swapping encouragement. I’ll be posting small excerpts and word counts throughout the month here on the blog too. Here’s to a month of creativity!


Very funny video and go for it. Looking forward to read you.

Wohoo, go you and FINISH NaNoWriMo again! It helped me get some chunks of the memoir finished, but I never completed it. I hope you can again!

Q&A – Submit Your Questions!


Have you ever been curious about loss or life as a widow? Is there anything you’d like to know about the girl behind the blog? Now you can ask anonymously in my first Q&A session.

These are always so fun to participate in on other blogs, so I figured it was time to bring the fun to WSW! Use the poll below to ask me anything — serious questions about love and loss, silly questions about favorites and pet peeves, completely random questions — really anything goes! The survey allows anonymous submissions, so rest assured I will not know who is sending the questions (and neither will anyone else when the answers are posted).

The survey will only be open for a while before I begin compiling answers so if you have a burning question, ask away! :)

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Slow Down


“Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.”
-John De Paola


I’ve been struggling recently. I’m the queen of avoidance, procrastination, and hiding things with a smile, so you probably didn’t know this. Heck, even I didn’t until it smacked me in the face.

As I’ve mentioned before, I tend to keep things inside and shove them away. It’s how I cope, just lock it in a box and go on about my business because either I don’t want to face it, don’t want to bother other people with it, or don’t want to look weak. But that isn’t exactly the healthiest or most productive way of coping.

I’m better about this now than I’ve been in the past, but I still need to try harder to reach out to my friends and family more often when I need help. I also need to get better about not over-committing myself. This is one of my biggest issues; I like to help people, I want to make a difference, I like to be involved in things. So I say yes, dip my toes in a ton of projects, throw myself into multiple areas at once, and suddenly I’m pulled in million different directions and just want to pull the covers over my head and quit everything and sleep all day.

That’s where I’m at right now. Between some personal struggles with the blues and this candle-burnt-at-both-ends feeling, I’ve lost my passion for most everything I’m involved in. I’m seriously questioning the sincerity of my devotion to the project and its place in my life. School feels like an endless tunnel I’ll never get out of and don’t know what to do with when I do. I’m feeling inferior in my volunteer participation. My fitness goals have tanked in the mayhem. …and a bunch more. The only things that feel right to me right now are the positive changes happening in parenting with my kiddo and the positive step I’ve taken by starting counseling.

I know it’s all a part of growing. It’s another one of those shifts, the growing pains that come with making strides in your personal growth. I can feel the significance of this period in my life; I know that one day I will look back on this season and see the positive changes with clarity. But while I’m in it, it’s a struggle. I don’t want to let anyone down, I don’t want to be a quitter.

But I need to slow down. I need to be still, listen to my heart, feel the pulse of life around me, and stop trying so hard. It’s time to let the things I’m meant for find me.


Have you taken the time to slow down recently? How did you lighten your load? Have you had to let go of any commitments lately for your personal happiness? I’d love you to share below.

I hope you get some peace with everything. <3

This sounds like countless numbers of blogs I’ve written over the past year. I’m an extreme overcommitter. I love being involved in EVERYTHING. If someone sounds cool, I want to be a part of it, not realizing it will suck my energy from me when I have so little left to give. I don’t know a solution, but I do know that giving up on things that weren’t leading to my “drop dead goals” in life really helped me. I picked up one a few months ago that just didn’t fit, and ended up failing miserably, it didn’t feel good and wasn’t worthwhile. Maybe we can keep one another accountable :)

Pregnancy and Birth – A Mini-Memoir

Describe your first pregnancy…piece of cake or terrible experience?

[edit: warning to say, man this got long. sorry! i didn't plan for that, but i never really told my whole getting-pregnant-pregnancy-birth-story before, and it became therapeutic. now i'm glad it's there to share with little man one day. continue on if you want to read a slightly oversharing mini book :)]

Oh, pregnancy. You were one of the most wonderful seasons of my life and I remember you fondly. Truth be told, I often long to experience you again and sometimes get angry that The Hubs won’t get the chance to. But I am so thankful we got to experience you once.

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I’m so glad you took the time to write this all down! The pictures are perfect and your story made me feel like I was part of it! What a blessing indeed!!

I am so glad you shared this with all of us. This story really touched me and makes me feel closer to you and your hubs. I never got to meet him, but I could feel him “come out” in this story and it’s an amazing experience you all went through. I’m so happy for you and little man to have the bond you do. I hope that continues for a lifetime.

This was so awesome to read. Thanks for sharing it!


I am speechless. What a story, and that last picture left me a sobbing mess. So glad you have your Little Man.

Thanks for sharing this! It is so beautiful. Grateful for your many blessings!