From the initial shock of preparing funeral arrangements to the never-ending checklist that follows, it seems there is always something for a widow to take care of. And once the whirlwind of tasks begins to calm, we find that there are many ‘normal’ things in our new lives that aren’t so normal anymore. I’ve often said during these hard months that I wish I had a guide-book, a manual of sorts that would tell me what to do, give me advice on how to do it, and tell me what to expect. You may be thinking the same thing.

Below I have compiled a list of websites, articles, books, organizations, and other resources that may help you along this journey, from day one to beyond. Some of these resources I am personally familiar with, some I am not.  This list is not exhaustive by any means and is continually a work in progress, so if you know of a great resource out there please contact me and I will gladly share it.

[Disclaimer: I cannot personally endorse any of these websites, books, or organizations. I am not a mental health, legal, or financial professional. Please use these sources for information only and consult professionals as necessary. If necessary, resources are labeled by topic.]

Updated July 8, 2012


In the Beginning — Checklists and Helpful Guides

Your Grief Journey: Don’t Do It Alone — Widow Communities and Support

Finding Your New Normal — Help for Your New Roles

How to Help Friends/Family Help YOU — Links to Share with Loved Ones

Financial Matters  — Things to Consider and Where to Look for Help

What About the Kids? — Parenting a Grieving Child

Carrying on Their Legacy — Honoring Your Loved One in Your New Life

Spiritual Matters


Helpful Books — Literature to Help You Along Your Path

Specific Resources for Military Widows

Making Arrangements


Financial Assistance/Scholarships


Honoring Their Sacrifice

Giving Back

Helpful Books

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